How to gain followers fast on Instagram

How to gain followers fast on Instagram

Gaining of followers on Instagram is always everyone’s dream. When you have many followers, you have a say and you stand to be noticed every time that you post. When you want to gain Instagram followers, you can choose to do it the honest way or choose to purchase Instagram followers. Buying of Instagram followers is also termed as the dark side of Instagram marketing. There are so many risks that are involved but it can also work for some people. If you want to gain Instagram followers, below is what you can do in detail

Buy Instagram followers

You can buy Instagram followers cheap when you decide to. So many sellers have Instagram purchase options and have been made available for all Instagram users. If you are not yet sure about purchasing the Instagram account, you can as well try to create a dummy account to use it as an example. If it works, you can decide to consider the option of purchasing followers.

  • Why buy Instagram followers

There are so many reasons that can propel and encourage an Instagram user to buy Instagram followers. So many people who are known for buying their Instagram followers. Some of these people are politicians, celebrities, as well as brands. People buy Instagram accounts or Instagram followers because everyone believes that many followers affect how their content will be received and how it will sell. So many followers make a brand, as well as people, be noticed. Therefore, buying an Instagram account most of the time is due to the perception that it will get people to check what you are offering, selling or who you are. Because it is cheap, so many people are now doing it more than ever.

  • How to make Instagram followers purchase work

There is a difference between Instagram followers’ automation and Instagram and the buying of real followers. Sometimes you buy Instagram followers only to find out that the followers are bots. Bots like, as well as comment on behalf of you but they, are not as effective as real Instagram followers. Buying of Instagram followers can work but only when you buy real followers. Therefore, make sure that you find a trusted seller who will not sell you bots in the name of followers.

Gaining followers in an honest manner

  • Promote your dedicated hashtag

Instead of joining the black side of Instagram marketing, you can as well decide to gain Instagram followers fast enough through the help of dedicated hashtags. If it is a business, you can try to take the game offline and try to distribute the hashtag everywhere. You can print the hashtag on receipts as well as include it as part of your profile. You can as well as direct people to use the hashtag if you are privileged to be on TV or radio. This can work better than buy Instagram followers cheap which might end up costing your Instagram account.

  • Be creative with your profile and optimize it

There is nothing attractive like an Instagram account that looks good. You can optimize your Instagram account by customizing it. A profile is what gives your potential followers an idea of who you are and gives them a reason as to why they should follow you. Your username should be easily searchable. It should also be easily reachable. Therefore, the first step is always to set up an account that will attract so many people.

  • Consider Instagram best practices

When you post on Instagram, it is good to always remember that quality does matter a lot. Therefore, if you are posting photos, always make sure that they are good photos and not just any photos. If it is photographing, consider reading tips on how to take good pictures before you start posting on Instagram.

  • Have a posting schedule

You will never be noticed if you do not post regularly. Posting regularly is not that easy also. To make things easy, you can decide to have a posting schedule. You should not just take photos and post them. Before you post any photos, try as much as possible to have many great photos. Take your time in creating the posts before you post them. Have a calendar on how you will be posting your posts as well.

  • Engage followers

For the word to spread on how good you are, you should consider engaging your followers. Try replying to messages on time and try to find out what other people like and do. If you do not engage your followers, people might end up unfollowing you or being dormant or being cold on your account.

  • Use relevant hashtags

Not all hashtags are relevant. Some of them are relevant while some of them are not. Using hashtags appropriately is a plus to selling your content. Therefore, apart from using dedicated hashtags, also consider using relevant hashtags.

  • Encourage engagement through an Instagram contest

You can post promoting a contest. In that contest, you can advise people to follow your Instagram account. That is the best way to make sure that you gain many followers.


Instagram followers are what we all want. To gain followers you can choose to buy Instagram followers or use the honest way to gain followers gradually. All the methods can work for you for as long as you do it right.

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