December 2021

If everything goes as promised, 2022 will be a year to frame in the history of the PC game. 365 days in which all the big agents plan to launch the heavy artillery. Something that, in many aspects, will definitely establish the new generation of consoles, will further consolidate the success of Nintendo Switch and will give PC gamers new reasons to release graphics and mice. And it is that we have been joined by many bombings. Some scheduled and others after very loud delays. To which must be added the traditional annual appointments. And re-releases that should not be overlooked such as Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp. The new generation editions of GTA V and Cyberpunk 2077. The PC versions of great games like God of War. Monster Hunter Rise or Uncharted 4.  And we directly take for granted the return of some nintendera saga on Switch.