PlayStation 5 is the brand new Sony console, which was launched in November 2020 along with its direct competitor Xbox Series X. To date, it has sold more than 19 million consoles. Sony released two different PS5 models. On the one hand, we have the model with a reader, which allows you to run games and movies on disk. In second place is the exclusive digital model (without reader) of PS5.

If all goes as promised, 2022 will be a year to frame in video games history. 365 days in which all the great agents plan to launch the heavy artillery. Something that, in many respects, will definitively settle the new generation of consoles. This will further consolidate the success of the Nintendo Switch. And will give new reasons to brand new graphics and mice to PC gamers.

Amidst all the games about witchcraft, barbarians, zombies, plants, and slithering snakes, many mobile gamers enjoy a more traditional 8 Ball Pool experience. ZonaDialer is here with 9 of the best secrets, tips, and tricks to help you create your 8 Ball Pool experience. If you are a fan of high-stakes games, competition, and the best multiplayer experiences, you are in the right place and looking for the right game. Keep reading!