Meditation tips. It can be your best medicine

Best meditation tips

Meditation tips. It can be your best medicine

Dedicating a few minutes a day to meditation can make a radical change in your physical and emotional health.

As defined by the RAE, to meditate means “to think carefully and care about something”, that is, to focus our attention fully on a specific matter. What if what mattered was our well-being? More and more the proven benefits of meditation and mindfulness, are some of the most fashionable practices of recent times.

Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is medicine

Thanks to meditation or mindfulness, we train our minds to stay focused and calm, thus helping to deal with stress. This is one of the greatest ills for health when we do not know how to manage it. Stress is simply a natural response of the body to a situation that we perceive as dangerous, in this way, we prepare ourselves to react to it. If we learn to manage our response to it, stress will not be a problem for our health, but a way to help us improve in our day-to-day.

For his part, poorly managed stress can lead to mental and physical disturbances that have a direct effect on our health. Allowing ourselves to be dominated by anxiety and stress can lead to problems that alter the proper functioning of our endocrine, nervous, and immune systems. Some of the easiest symptoms to recognize are headaches, alterations in our diet, bruxism, or, as it is colloquially said, “catch all the viruses” with which we come into contact due to a deficient immune system. Nothing nice, right? Therefore, learning to meditate can be the first step to improve your current health status and prevent future ailments.

How To Start With Meditation?

To practice meditation, it is essential to take into account the following factors:

  • Find a quiet place where we are comfortable
  • Choose comfortable clothes
  • Do not be in a hurry, since this practice requires patience and, above all, time
  • Establish a routine, every day at the same time we should work on meditation, preferably first thing in the morning
  • Find a comfortable position in which we can stay for several minutes

Meditation requires total dedication to oneself during the period of time that it is practiced. Therefore, we urge you to choose a moment of calm to be able to work for your health.

If you are going to do it at home, start by concentrating on your breath for at least 5 minutes. Focus on how you breathe in deeply and breathe out calmly. If any thought appears in your mind, let it flow, do not cling to it or get upset by its presence. It is normal that feelings and thoughts lie in wait for us during meditation, but we must contemplate them as if it were a cloud in the sky, from a distance. Acquiring this control takes time and practice, so beginners should spend a minimum of 5 minutes and slowly increase the time they spend in this state.

Other Forms Of Meditation That You Can Also Practice

If you are not able to concentrate on your own, we suggest you opt for guided meditation. Not only can you practice this in meditation and mindfulness schools. But there are also mobile or tablet apps that guide you in this process and help you improve. However, if you can do without the smartphone. We strongly recommend that you leave it in another room and in silence so that nothing interrupts your practice.

Another way to meditate is suitable for beginners. And that can serve as the first contact with that state of concentration is to do it while walking. Choose a smooth, easy-to-maintain rhythm that allows you to focus your attention on your own breathing. As your body walks, focus your mind only on your breathing, separating yourself from both your surroundings and your thoughts to achieve a state of serene calm that helps you train your brain to remain calm in any situation.

Thanks to meditation, you will manage to improve your ability to pay attention and react to problems, learning a new way to deal with stressful situations that can affect your health.


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