Board games for adults

Board games

Board games for adults

Board games for adults are the perfect excuse to get together and enjoy the most pleasant experiences. And it is that they bring the most entertaining and fun leisure to the table, but they are also the healthiest way to socialize, develop creativity, mental speed and stimulate the mind. There are countless games: skill, fun, strategy, and even escape room. They all promise to enjoy playing and that the hours at home go by very quickly.

Best board games for adults ideal for dinners and parties

  1. Guatafac – Game for adults ideal for dinners and parties

This game is the first of the crazy trilogy devised by Guatafac. Like the rest, it is made with eco-friendly materials and manufactured in the European Union, which allows you to take care of the environment while having fun.

The brand defines it as “the horniest game of the year.” The objective is to solve the question posed by the card in a maximum time of eight seconds. If you succeed and the Guatafac teacher accepts, you keep the card, add a point and acquire the role of Guatafac teacher. The player who reaches seven points wins. It contains 480 cards, 80 of which pose daring challenges, which test the spontaneity, daring, and honesty of the player. Without a doubt, one of the most popular board games for adults over 18 years of age with which laughter is guaranteed.

  • Age: +18 years
  • Players: 3-10
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  1. WASA – Card Game for Adults

From the creators of Tribu de Scoundrels, it has the approach they bring to their games: rogue, cheeky and comical. It is made up of a group of young people who are passionate about games, whose creations are always given a twist to make them transgressive and different. It is designed and manufactured in Spain with paper from sustainably managed forests.

Can you imagine sending a video of yourself with a “flying broom” to your first WhatsApp contact that begins with the letter d? Or maybe you prefer to send him a text message explaining that you have been arrested for stealing chicken feed? Well, if you don’t, you’ll have to drink! This type of challenge is what this hooligan board game for adults, over 18 years old, combines, ideal for dinners or meetings with friends.

  1. OMAIGOD – Card Game for Adults

It is from the creators of Guatafac, the adult game that has gained enormous popularity. In addition, they are all eco-friendly and manufactured in the European Union. Without forgetting their social commitment, since 1% of the profits goes to the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases.

It is a very dynamic game for adults since all the players participate in each of the turns. The objective is to choose the most original response to different situation texts that are uncovered, such as emails or Tinder messages. There are millions of possible combinations: “Good afternoon, I want to have children with you”; “Sorry, it’s too philosophical for me.”

  • Age: +16 years
  • Players: 3-15
  • Duration: 15-45 minutes
  1. COCORROTO – Board game for adults

“The first board game for adults, designed by adolescents and not suitable for children”, this is how its creator defines Cocorroto. A crazy proposal, in which black humor, wit, audacity, and creativity take center stage.

The objective: each participant must complete the phrase contained in the blue card with one of their eleven cards. The question teacher reads all the combinations out loud and decides which one he likes best. If he chooses yours, you win the round, add a point and become the question master. The one that first reaches 5, 10 or 20 points (according to you agree) is the winner.

  • Age: +16 years
  • Players: +3
  • Duration: 20-50 minutes
  1. Party & Co Extreme 3.0 – Classic board game for adults

Based in Barcelona, ​​Diset began its journey in 1971. From the beginning, it opted for proposals that are respectful of the environment and with an innovative approach that amuses and, in addition, educates. This has made it one of the leading brands in the toy and games sector.

It is a dynamic and fun game about various tests to be overcome by teams. There are 4 different categories of quizzes: performances like knockoffs, funny and unexpected questions, engaging questions to really discover your friends and artistic quizzes. The objective: to be the first team to fulfill the requirements of the secret objective card. It is a perfect board game to laugh with friends after any dinner, although as it is played in groups it is recommended to be at least 6 players.

  • Age: +14 years
  • Players: +4
  • Duration: 45 minutes
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