Super Mario Odyssey guide: 9 essential tips

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey guide: 9 essential tips

Each Super Mario title’s arrival is a blow to the table in the sector, showing that there are still games wherewith refined gameplay, enormous fun can be achieved. Super Mario Odyssey is no exception. We are, possibly, before one of the best games of this license in recent times, combining current advances thanks to Nintendo Switch with a continuous nod to previous iterations of the series.

Super Mario Odyssey’s world is so immense that it is full of secrets, not only with power moons, Goombettes, costumes of all kinds, and even characters like Peach or Yoshi. Discovering each of the kingdoms’ corners is not anything simple, requiring enormous replayability to pass the program 100%.

That is why we have created this Super Mario Odyssey guide to help you discover all the secrets of the game and teach you some tips and tricks to handle good Mario (in all his forms) to take advantage of each one of the situations.

9 essential tips for Super Mario Odyssey

You need the moons to advance through the worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom, so you will have to search well through the scenarios to obtain enough to continue through the game.

  1. These purple moons and coins glow and make sound, so you’ll know when you’re getting close to one of them.
  2. Mario can collect coins and moon shards with Cappy, so you already have a good ally from the start.
  3. Do not despair if you cannot find each moon on the first visit to a level since many usually appear after exceeding the main objectives and re-entering the level.
  4. All purple coins are accessible before ending the main game mode, and you don’t need to buy anything to get them.
  5. The moons are usually hidden in common places such as walls, blocks, or between levels, but some are too hidden and require a good combing of the stage.
  6. Do not forget to follow the dog with the hat as it will reveal a new moon of power.
  7. You can find a rabbit in each kingdom that you can hit with cappy to get moons.
  8. You can choose to play a minigame several times to get many more moons.
  9. You can buy moons with normal coins in every shop spread across the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Odyssey plot

As has happened many times, poor Mario is taken away from Princess Peach again and, of course, the person in charge is Bowser. However, this time, Bowser passes the preliminaries and wishes to marry Peach directly. As it is not easy to reach the baddie Bowser, we have no choice but to get on the airship to go from kingdom to kingdom to kill his henchmen until we reach his position to rescue the Princess.

Cappy, his new friend

Never has Mario’s cap had so much prominence as in Super Mario Odyssey? Thanks to this cap, we will be able to defeat enemies as if it were a boomerang and launch it to remote places and gain control of other characters on the stage, which is undoubtedly the greatest novelty of the program and one of its main attractions.

Super Mario Odyssey controls

These are the default controls for Super Mario Odyssey:

  • L: run
  • A: look around
  • Bottom: camera
  • Right: amiibo
  • R: first-person view
  • B or A: jump
  • X or Y: throw the hat
  • R or L: control the camera
  • ZL: crouch down
  • +: menu

Before you start with Super Mario Odyssey, we recommend that you take a look at our tips and tricks to start playing that will allow you, from the beginning, to know what you should and should not do during your first hours of play, something that goes to affect your future in the rest of the game.

To achieve the rest of the objectives that we propose below in our tricks for Super Mario Odyssey, you must first know how to use the high and long jump, which we explain in detail.

Once you know our initial tips and the jump control, you can look at our tricks to get a lot of coins simply.

But not only jumps, but you need the suits of the game to reach the objectives that the levels pose. We explain all the available costumes and what each of them does.

Exploration at its best

You must thoroughly explore each of the kingdoms to get collectibles and hidden characters in addition to beating levels.

That is why we tell you the location of all the Goombette in the game, but we also tell you how to get both Yoshi and Princess Peach herself.

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