The most anticipated games of 2022

Most anticipated games

The most anticipated games of 2022

Like every year, we have started 2022 looking ahead and collecting many of the games that will be released during the next twelve months (and surely beyond, you always have to count on the possibility of delays). In the reports dedicated to adventures, action, role-playing, horror, graphic adventure, and indie games — which we leave linked again at the end of this text — you can see many of the promising names of those genres listed, but now it’s our turn to get wet and give our opinion. Choose which ones we want the most from among all of them.

So we have organized a vote between editors and contributors. Each with their own list, to then make a joint top. Below are the results, although before going with them. It should be clarified that we have only included those that have been clearly dated for 2022. This is why some may notice absences such as Final Fantasy XVI, Metroid Prime 4, or Hollow Knight: Silk song — although we would like to believe that at least the last one will arrive this year—. Clarified that, here are the most anticipated games of 2022 for FreeGameTips.

The King of Fighters XV

Anticipated games of 2022

We started with a fighting game, a genre that perhaps did not have a dedicated report like others. But that often gives us high-caliber jewels that cannot be left aside either. This is the case —or at least we hope it will be— of The King of Fighters XV. The imminent new installment of an SNK saga for which presentations are surely not needed. Its launch was originally scheduled for 2021, but after a delay forced by covid. It will arrive on February 17 with 39 characters (30 veterans + 9 premieres), story mode, and netcode rollback to ensure the best possible experience in online multiplayer.

Its predecessor, The King of Fighters XIV, has already set the bar high after a couple of discreet deliveries and, although it was launched with a larger template than XV (for less familiar it is worth remembering that the saga is one of the great emblems of the tag team and the players form teams of three fighters per combat), it serves as the basis for this sequel to now substantially improve the visual finish and the competitive component —something that has already been verified in an open beta during the past month of December —. Bells cannot be thrown on the fly yet, but KOF XV is shaping up to be one of the new benchmarks of its genre.

Grand Touring 7

Another genre-defining classic that will return very soon, specifically on March 4, is Gran Turismo. The Polyphony Digital saga popularized driving simulators on the first PlayStation (the original installment was the best-selling game on a said console) and maintained the throne on PS2, although over time its trajectory took it through more and more curves. pronounced: that PlayStation 3 was far from being its best generation and in PS4 Gran Turismo Sport parked both the numbering of the title and the quantity and quality of offline content that had characterized previous deliveries to focus on online competitions.

Fortunately for many of its fans, Gran Turismo 7 is ready to change that. To be again that playable encyclopedia that exudes love for motorsports. There will be no lack of traditions such as the driving school with several licenses to get. Nor a campaign where you can experience a sense of progression from races with humble models to garages with dozens of luxury cars to compete, tune up or simply collect. Upon arrival, you will have more than 400 vehicles, as well as more than 30 circuits. If we add to that the improved audiovisual section, the promise of a more competitive AI. And the variable weather in real-time, there are compelling reasons to trust in a triumphant return to origins.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

From deliveries with bulky numbers, we move on to the first sequel to a game that perhaps didn’t cause such a stir upon its launch. But achieved cult status thanks to its proposal and obvious potential. Dying Light brought together zombies, first-person combat and exploration, parkour, and some RPG elements. Even an immersive simulator, taking us into a world with cycles and dangers that worked outside of the player and to which the player had to adapt. It was also, however, a game that initially took its toll on bugs. And its mission structure could fall into a certain monotony, so it showed clear room for improvement.

That’s where  Dying Light 2 should come in less than a month (opens on February 4 ). Techland has been working for years —after its announcement, the game disappeared for a good season— to start at the highest level, enriching the staging, polishing the small details, improving both the exploration ( we will be able to glide thanks to a parachute) and the combat and offering a more elaborate narrative, with more conflicts and decisions in which the player will participate to change the fate of the city. We soon know if it manages to become that post-apocalypse classic that it always aimed to be.

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 exists. We can already say it with confidence. His announcement during The Game Awards 2017 was one of the most celebrated events of that night, but it was followed by nearly four years of silence. Not an image, not a second of gameplay. It stands to reason that its development didn’t take up that much time (in the meantime, Platinum Games announced and released the excellent Astral Chain ), but now the studio co-founded by Hideki Kamiya has the witch back in its spotlight. And it is missing because the expectations around the project are not exactly few.

After the original pushed the vision of hack and slash established by Kamiya himself with the Devil May Cry saga to the next level, Bayonetta 2 redoubled the heart-stopping rhythm and spectacular combat in a way that even seven years later late seems hard to beat. It is the feat that this installment will try, with a more futuristic setting – its trailer took advantage of the similarities with Astral Chain to play the confusion – and greater emphasis on the invocation of demons, which now serve not only as flashy executions but are also controlled on the battlefield to deal with waves of enemies and other large creatures.

Horizon Forbidden West

Another hero of arms that we look forward to and will be able to handle even sooner (February 18 ) is Aloy. Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the revelation successes of PlayStation 4. Demonstrating the versatility of Guerrilla Games after multiple installments of the Killzone saga and becoming Sony’s adventure with capital letters. A game with touches of Zelda and Monster Hunter, but at the same time a very distinct identity thanks to Aloy’s own personality and the original fusion between prehistory and futuristic technology that gave life to her world and her creatures.

Forbidden West now appears with the franchise already established, but still room to grow and improve. Graphically, the progress speaks for itself – especially on PS5, although it remains a cross-gen title – but the evolution goes further. This time our protagonist will be able to dive, plan and climb more freely. Making exploration more flexible and adding more possibilities when it comes to hiding or attacking the machines. The studio has also promised more lively ecosystems, more worked-out missions, and greater depth in combat against humans.— once considerably weaker than against machines — so this second Horizon may become even more special than the first.


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