Basic Yoga tips for practicing Yoga at home

Yoga tips for practice

Basic Yoga tips for practicing Yoga at home

How often do we think of a person standing on their head with a beautiful landscape in the background and the phrase “Yoga is not for me” comes to mind? It would be interesting to review this thought once you have read these basic Yoga tips about what Yoga can offer you. After reading them you will find that the next time, the one who is doing yoga in a beautiful landscape will be you!

Long and deep exhalations

Basic Yoga tips

We generally think of Yoga as those difficult and twisted postures. And it comes to mind: “How could I do yoga if I can’t even touch my feet?”. Yoga has nothing to do with touching your feet or stretching 98 degrees to the northeast. It is the simple process of uniting with yourself through your breath, your body, and your mind, in an easy and effortless way.

So don’t worry if you’re not Mister Flexible or venturing into yoga at 40, or even having a few love handles that stress you out. Get those myths out of your mind! The only one watching you is yourself, so relax. This path will be pleasant and relaxing.

Follow the tradition

It is best to start learning the practice of Yoga under the guidance of a qualified Yoga instructor who can take you through the correct way to perform each technique. This will help you learn the yoga poses properly and avoid possible injuries. Perhaps the philosophy or techniques being taught are new to you. Keeping your mind open is a good idea in order to broaden and strengthen your experience.

Your doctor and your yoga instructor are just a phone call away

If you have any physical condition, let your yoga instructor know before the start of your training. It will help your instructor to adapt the postures to your practice.

Dress simple, think big

To take yoga classes or practice yoga at home, wear comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing belts or too many accessories as this could interfere with your practice.

Do it when you can

It is best to perform the postures early in the morning, but even if this is not possible, do not let it be an excuse to interrupt your practice. You can do it at any time of the day, as it suits you.

A light stomach helps

It is recommended to practice yoga on an empty stomach or at least 2-3 hours after your last meal. It is also recommended to consume between 3 and 4 liters of water during the day to help eliminate the toxins that are released by your body during postures.

Get in shape before you start

Sukshma Vyayam exercises or a gentle warm-up will help relax your body and prepare it for yoga postures.

Smile your way through

See the difference for yourself. Maintaining a soft smile relaxes the body and mind, helping you to enjoy the postures much more.

Slow and steady, who else runs can’t go further

Patanjali Yoga Sutras, the ancient yogic texts, define a yoga posture (Asana) with the phrase “Sthira Sukham Asanam”: Do only as far as you can comfortably go and then stretch a little more (to improve the flexibility of the body). Use the breath as a reference point: when it is light and long, the muscles will begin to relax, but when it is irregular, it means that they are overexerted. Stretching just outside of your comfort zone will make your yoga practice more interesting and add a flicker of a challenge to your progress as well as new poses.

Every yoga posture is unique, just like you

Wherever you are in the posture, it is good for you. Avoid comparing yourself to other class participants. Remember that each body is unique and that the experience varies from person to person. Some will surely be able to easily achieve a particular asana while others will take more time and practice to get there, so don’t push yourself or overexert yourself.

Don’t worry if you experience discomfort or swelling in your muscles during the first few days of practice, but if you do feel pain, let your instructor know immediately. Being regular with the practice and having patience is the yoga kit. As with any other discipline, it will take its own time.

If you are looking to experience the benefits of Yoga, we invite you to contact the Office closest to your home and register for our next yoga class.

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