Best PS3 Games Of All Time

Best PS3 Games Of All Time

The Last of Us

Regarded by many as the best game for PS3, Last of us is a culmination of everything that a game requires, from emotion, action, storytelling, thriller, adventure and what not to become a true masterpiece.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 seems to offer a true action-packed shooting genre of game with a plot revolving around adventures faced in space. Although its third part is available on the console, many consider this part as the best of the series.

Dead Space 2

The horror combat genre achieves the right balance of thrilling action and nightmarish screams and creatures appearing in front of the character.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

The intense gameplay involves playing a Nazi killer and serves a thrilling and luring plot. The game has no dull areas and is full of impeccable story, purpose, and action which you will miss if you close your eye.

The Walking Dead

There are very few games in which the dead or zombies are genuinely horrifying. Fortunately, the Walking Dead is among such games. The game is quite scary and faced by situations where you will have to make hard decisions. The game is very well scripted and has a compelling story.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

The renowned global fighting game is still top on the favorites for the console. The game is a pure combination of entertainment, comedy, excellent fighting combination and just pure fun to play with your mates.


The open video game is quite luring, vibrant, extensive, and offers various options and things to do. Apart from what makes the GTA series great, this version enables you to play three different protagonists who depict different sides and characteristics, making it quite immersive. Moreover, the powerful graphics and 3D free-roam highlight the game’s endless potentials.


Red Dead Redemption

The immersive game lets you play a badass character riding on a horse during cowboy times and packs some serious cowboy shooting action as well. Moreover, the game has one of the best justices against crime plots. The ending is even greater and often considered favorite by many.


The franchise did take a while to reach the PS3 console but was worth the wait. Fans find the game quite exhilarating as it includes an immersive storyline accompanied by great graphics and amazing soundtracks when action scenes take place.

Uncharted 2

Uncharted two is best among its series as it is the right combo of puzzle, action, adventure, immersive storyline, drama and violence. The Indiana Jones-like game will have you glued in front of the screen as there is no dull and boring moment.


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