Top 9 Tips, Tricks, Secrets, And Tips For 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool tricks

Top 9 Tips, Tricks, Secrets, And Tips For 8 Ball Pool

Amidst all the games about witchcraft, barbarians, zombies, plants, and slithering snakes, many mobile gamers enjoy a more traditional 8 Ball Pool experience. ZonaDialer is here with 9 of the best secrets, tips, and tricks to help you create your 8 Ball Pool experience. If you are a fan of high-stakes games, competition, and the best multiplayer experiences, you are in the right place and looking for the right game. Keep reading!

Mobile gaming enjoys a proliferation of “old school” titles that take advantage of core game mechanics that can be picked up and played quickly, yet leave room for mastery. Honestly, it’s a relief! When we download mobile games, we’re not necessarily looking for the deep experience you can find on a console, with a steep learning curve and hours of character development, and… you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The basic rules for a game of 8 Ball Pool aren’t familiar to everyone just starting out with the game, so we’ll be mixing some of our starting tips with those tips for more advanced players. Follow them to a T and you’ll store photos in your pocket from left to right

Look At The Stopwatch

One of the pitfalls most new 8 Ball Pool players face is the error; Let the timer tick on until, before they know it, they have no more time! Not only does this lose your turn, but it puts the ball in your opponent’s hand.

8 Ball Pool tips

Since both are extremely bad for you, it’s important not to rely too much on your time with each shot. Sure, you may feel like you’re extremely precise or you’ve lined up a fantastic move, but the truth is none of this will mean anything if the timer runs out. A much stronger strategy is to get your eyes used to the crunch of time, forcing them to find your photo as quickly as possible. Speed ​​is key in 8 Ball Pool and if you can’t keep up, that foul will punish you.

Avoid Obvious Mistakes

We get into some basic pool rules here, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are quite a few 8 Ball Pool moves that could result in a foul and, as stated above, will cause your opponent to take the ball in hand. Because this is to be avoided at all costs, keep the following in mind every time you play.

Precision is the key

Even if you shouldn’t spend too much time planning your photos, it’s important to be precise. If you add the opposite color at any time except when breaking, you can put the ball in the opponent’s hand. If the indicative ball touches the opponent’s color before yours, you will get the same effect.

Rail contact

The game will be in error if neither the cue ball nor any ball of any color makes contact with the rails of the table. This is a rule that always haunts me (and honestly, my friends and I forget it all the time). However, when you have a video game that follows the rules and every move, nothing will get away. through her.

Pay attention to your colors!

This brings us to something that is so obvious but needs to be mentioned anyway. Because many players forget if there are spots or streaks, I’ll say it once here with added emphasis: don’t forget what color you play! A few forgetful fouls are all your opponent needs to win the entire game.

Advantage At Rest

When it is your turn to break, you will be at the highest point of advantage; larger than it will be at any other point in the game. First of all, this is because you can line up the shot that determines how the rest of the game will be played, and also because you will be able to choose which color of ball belongs to you for the rest of the game.

Pay close attention to what you have in your pocket (if there is anything) and pause. Regardless of your color, you’ll get another spin, during which you’ll decide whether to play spots or stripes. Remember that nothing in the pocket that you pocketed during the break will count towards your score and also don’t forget that if you pocket the cue ball alone, it counts as a foul!

Respect 8 Ball

Surprisingly, you’re going to have some respect for the 8-ball in the rest of any match, and not just because it’s the name of the man in this game. After the break, improper 8-ball handling is often the source of the largest number of fouls that players, both new and old, earn for themselves.

If you put 8 balls in front of all the colored balls? It is foul. What happens if you put a cue ball and an 8 ball together? Guilt. If you put any color before 8 balls at once? Guilt.

You can see where I’m going, here. Don’t be afraid of the 8-ball, but avoid her as she plans her shots throughout the game.

Calling Pockets

Once you start playing 8 Ball Pool on higher difficulty, you will find levels where you have to start tapping your pockets before each shot to increase your score. Because of this, it can be a useful habit to get into once you have the basic rules of the game in order.

When starting out, you’ll probably be required to match your pocket only before putting in an 8-ball. On much higher difficulties, you’ll have to resort to all shots.

More Shots To The Face

Although you should never run out of time (I know, I repeat), you should also try to see each frame with some photos before you go. Don’t just react to where the balls are on the table during a given curve and don’t just shoot in the hope of altering the current state of the table (if you don’t have to).

Instead, assume that the indicator ball is the only thing that will go over the following photos. Where do you need the ball to find your best color? In this way, the game of billiards is very similar to chess. An experienced player will spend their time learning the lay of each shot, but a master will know the lay a few shots before the current turn.

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

That little ball in the corner of the screen? It is there for a reason. If you want to interrupt your opponent, make a difficult shot, or show (or practice) finesse, he touches that ball, spins it based on the little red indicator that appears, and then shoots.

It will apply a rotation to the ball’s trajectory and prevent it from moving in a predictable straight line. If you take your shot (which should always be the goal), you can use rotation to set yourself up for shots that might not have been possible otherwise.

Play Offline!

While 8 Ball Pool is primarily seen as an online multiplayer game. You can still practice when you don’t have an active internet connection! Take advantage of this time to analyze the basics or try some of the more advanced techniques or habits that we have already told you about.

If you’re like me, an offline practice session can almost be a form of relaxation, as it’s removed from the competitive realm of multiplayer. on-line.

Try To Play On Miniclip.Com

Of course, it’s very handy to be able to play 8 Ball Pool on the go. But it was featured on the Flash game site, Miniclip. However, you can play the full game there. And it’s just as free as it is on Android and iOS. Plus. 8 Ball Pool was meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse before it came to touch on a smartphone screen. So if those touch controls and small screens are giving you the creeps. Give it a spin from the comfort of your laptop or desktop.

Here it is, ZonaDialer readers! 10 of the best tips, tricks, and secrets for 8 Ball Pool (sorry, no “cheats” for online multiplayer games!) If you have any questions about this addictive little gem of a game. Let us hear them in the comments below. continuation. And don’t forget to share this article on Facebook and Twitter!

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