Best games to play on WhatsApp

games to play on WhatsApp

Best games to play on WhatsApp

If you have to stay at home and want to spend an entertaining afternoon with your friends, games to play on WhatsApp may be the solution. You will find such a variety of games that surely between all of you will find one that amuses you and makes you have a good time as a group or as a couple. In this article, we want to propose a series of games to play via chat, among which you will find riddles for WhatsApp, a chain of challenges or games for couples on WhatsApp. Are you ready for fun without leaving home? Keep reading and choose the games to play on WhatsApp!

Games to play on WhatsApp

Let’s have a look below at the games to play on WhatsApp.

Riddles for WhatsApp

Do you like riddles? Well, on WhatsApp, you can play riddles or riddles until you get bored of it.

How can you distribute 5 apples among 5 people so that one apple stays in the basket? Answer: one of the 5 people will have to take the basket with its apple inside.

The harp has 4, the violin has 6, the guitar has 8, what are we talking about? Answer: the number of letters in each word.

Chain of challenges

The chain challenges have always been fun and live apart from them, can be made by any means of messages, such as WhatsApp or other types of chats.

We suggest you send your group a list with 5 singers and assign a challenge to each name. Remember that what you should send to the group is the list with the names, not the challenges. You can take the opportunity to ask for daring or ridiculous things such as changing the status of WhatsApp for 3 days for something that you know will embarrass your friend, send audio to the person you choose in which he sings a song, and so on.

Games to play with your partner on WhatsApp

If you want to know some games to play with your partner on WhatsApp, we suggest the following:

Tell your partner what you would like to do in bed, just using emojis.

Write a numbered list with a series of tests or challenges (they can be spicy, daring, fun). Tell your partner to check what percentage of battery he has left and that will be the number to assign him a challenge from the list. An original way to choose the challenge.

Questions and answers: this game is a classic that never fails in couples due to the interest we have in knowing more about each other or knowing what they think of us or what they expect from the relationship. Choose the questions whose answer you are interested in knowing.

Find the mistake

The game is very simple, but it will leave your contacts thinking for a long time. It is about sending them that message: “Find the error below”:

  • Four-legged animals: dog, cat, and cow.
  • Two-legged animals: sparrow, parrot, and parrot.
  • Even number: two, four, and eight.
  • Odd numbers: one, three, and five.
  • Correct answer: the error is in the word “next”.

Where am I?

This is a fun hobby for those who do not want to complicate with difficult riddles. Send a WhatsApp message to your friends, asking them to guess where you are. It has to be a place known to everyone and you must be mysterious in your descriptions so as not to make it easy for them.

Play titles

It is a fun game that you can extend as long as your knowledge about cinema and literature allows you. The one who starts the challenge will say the title of a movie, series, or book. Send it to the first participant and he will have to provide another title that begins with the last word of yours, that is, Earth. So until you run out of ideas.

Find the dromedary

In this fun hobby, you will send your contacts a message full of WhatsApp camel emojis. They will all be camels (two humps) except one, which will be the dromedary emoji (one hump). Challenge them to find the dromedary among all the camels.

Which is the song?

If you have friends who are very music lovers, they will love this game. You just have to send a WhatsApp in which you write the first words of a song, the rarer or less known, the better, and challenge them to find out what song it is. Who knows it will have to send audio following the song.

To who…?

It’s a fun game where you ask your friends for 3 undesirable options, but they will have to choose one. For Example, who would you kiss: Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, or Moe from The Simpsons? You can change the question of kissing for any other option that occurs to you and the characters you have to choose who you want, famous or not, but that you know all of the group.

Shared history

This hobby for WhatsApp is very entertaining and will work better, the more people in the game. Assign a number to each participant and, in that order, they should begin to tell a story. You can only write a couple of lines per person and leave the story at an interesting point for the next one to pick up.

Crazy phrases

If you are bored and want to organize a group game with your friends on WhatsApp, we suggest this: send a message starting with the word that appears in the central position or on your keyboard. Each one will have to do the same with the word that appears to him. You will see what absurd options appear to start the sentence.

A cinema

This is a classic that always triumphs in WhatsApp groups of friends. It is about describing the title of a movie, series or book using only emojis. As you progress, you will have to complicate it more and look for more complicated titles to make it more fun.


Riddles are always welcome. We all like to test ourselves and try to solve them. We suggest some examples of simple riddles to play on WhatsApp:

What flies but has no wings? Time.

You go on a plane and in front you have a cow and behind a bus, where are you? On a merry-go-round.

If we let it go, if we sell it, it is weighed, what is it? The grape.

Trivial adapted to play on WhatsApp

It is about making a question and answer game similar to Trivial. One of the groups will have to act as the moderator to send the answers and keep the score. If you want to make it a little easier, you can give a short time, 30 seconds to search for help on the Internet.

What would you do if…?

If you have the mind of a novelist and you love to pose different scenarios and think about how you would act in a certain situation or what would happen if one thing or another happened, this is your game. Propose a fictional scenario to your friends, describe the situation and ask your friends, what would you do if?

Obviously, in this game, there is no winning answer. It is about having a good time and knowing what decision each one would make in certain situations.

Who is who?

Think of a well-known character (actor, singer, athlete, writer) and try to make your friends guess who it is. To give them clues, you can send audios imitating him or send emojis offering the different clues, data on his career, filmography. You will have a good time laughing.

What will your love be like?

A fun game that will not read the future, but with which you will have a great time with friends. Make a list numbered from 1 to 10 and add quality to each number, for Example: cheerful, friendly, grumpy, attentive, thoughtful, and impatient. Ask your friends to choose a number from 1 to 10 and see what their future couples according to the number chosen by each.

Guess the saying

Send your group a list of 20 or 30 popular sayings or sayings written only using emojis. Ask your contacts to try to guess as many of them as possible, the friend with the most sayings will win.

Complete the song

It is about writing a song known to all, a summer hit, or an easily recognizable song. Write the lyrics of the song, omitting some words. These words can be replaced by emojis. The more words you substitute, the more difficult it will be to guess which song it is.

What music group am I?

Emojis are the big winners in WhatsApp games, almost everyone likes them and it is difficult to resist guessing a puzzle in which these are the protagonists. We propose a game in which you must guess a list of musical groups written only with emojis. Put your friends to the test with this fun game.

Word string

To play this word chain puzzle, you have to decide which category you will participate in (proper names, foods, animals). Once you have decided, start proposing a word from the chosen category. The next person to participate has to say an animal that begins with the last letter of the previous one.

Who do I look like?

This is a game to play in WhatsApp groups of friends or people with great confidence. To begin, you should appoint a jury from among the group members. You will have to draw reasonable similarities to each of you with a famous person among all the participants. Lastly, it will be the jury that determines whether the resemblance can be accepted or not.

Truth or Dare on WhatsApp

Make a list of funny, weird, and daring questions and assign an emoji to each one within a group (fruits, animals, buildings). Ask your friends to choose an emoji and ask them the question they have received. If they do not want to answer, they must overcome a challenge.

Guess the flag

A difficult game in which you can play in teams. Each team will show the other the emoji of a flag and they will have to guess it. To make it a little easier, you can set a 30 second time to respond so that you can help yourself from Google.

Who do you choose?

Assign each of your friends 3 people in the group and propose 3 situations: kiss, travel, and live. Each one must answer who they would kiss, with whom they would go on a trip and with whom they would share a flat. If you are bold naming, you can get some really juicy answers.


This is the classic hangman game taken to its most digital version. The group most skilled will be in charge of drawing the hangman with the keyboard’s different signs. To make it more interesting, you can do thematic rounds instead of choosing words at random.

Letter and challenge

Write a list of challenges or daring questions and assign each one a letter. Ask your friends to choose a letter from the alphabet and send them the list to find the challenge they must overcome according to the chosen letter. Another version is that each one gets the challenge according to their name’s first letter, instead of choosing it themselves.


A somewhat difficult game, but one that will make you laugh out loud at the absurd words you will be able to form. It consists of each one explaining what they are doing but keeping it as short as possible. In this case, using the first letter of each word. Example: “I am studying in the library” could be abbreviated in EEELB. Your friends will have to guess what you are doing. It won’t be easy at all, but it will be fun.

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