The best game of 2022 for PC

Best game of 2022

The best game of 2022 for PC

We are in the middle of 2022, one of the years that promises to completely burst the video game agenda. In PC we are going to gorge ourselves with so much embarrassment and well at ease that we are going to stay.

Here we are going to collect the highlights of the year and we will progressively update the list with new names or dates. So now you know, stop by from time to time to check out some new signings for the wish list.

The best PC games now available

Monster Hunter Rise

Top pc game

The monster hunt is not over yet. Having conquered the realms of the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise is aiming to do the same on its PC version. All the graphic potential of the Capcom title so that we can give free rein to our imagination when it comes to hunting.

Nobody Saves the World

An action RPG that we did not see coming or rather, we did not expect it to be so damn good. And it is that Nobody Saves the World is endorsed by being the new title of the creators of Guacamelee! , with the possibility of completing dungeons that do not stop changing. Just like us, who have more than 15 forms at our disposal.

Rainbow Six Extraction

After the success of Rainbow Six Siege, now it’s the turn of a formula that prioritizes teamwork more than ever. Available on Xbox Game Pass from day one, aliens invade Earth, so we have to face all kinds of beings from another world.

Windjammers 2

The classic style is in vain. Windjammers 2 invites us to sing like never before with our friends or against anyone in online mode. Discs fly around the track, with characters boasting unique abilities and sequences drawn in great detail.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection

New remaster on the way recalling the two games in which we learned about the incredible events surrounding Max Caulfield. Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm are included in one must-have bundle.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

One of the great bombshells of the beginning of the year. After multiple problems in its development, delays, and a lot of waiting, Techland finally releases Dying Light 2: Stay Human. It seems that we are not going to get bored, since they promise more than 500 hours of content.

OlliOlli World

Here is a new portion of fun on board the skateboard. OlliOlli World combines platforms, action, and a world full of visual richness. Our task will be to discover the mythical gods of the scooter looking for Gnarvana in Radlandia.


For everyone who likes movie bar fights, here is your dream come true. Sifu will take us through all kinds of scenarios, in which martial arts will be our fundamental weapon, beyond hitting the occasional hit on an unsuspecting back.

Lost Ark

One of the bombshells of 2022. Lost Ark has been released in style, sweeping numbers on Steam and bringing together millions of players. The MMORPG invites us to fully explore Arkesia either with friends or alone.

The King of Fighters XV

Yes, we are already at 15 installments of the SNK saga and we hope it will not be the last. The King of Fighters XV promises the usual, which is not little: to maintain the legacy of a franchise with 28 years of history behind it. Six years of waiting to hook up again.

Total War: Warhammer III

One of the wet dreams of strategy lovers. Total War: Warhammer III arrives to offer us a great variety of classes, colossal battlefields and authentic headaches to be clear about what to do in the next turn.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Really unique case that we have around here. This is not a full game, but Destiny 2 DLC. The amount of content that Bungie promises is one to trap us for hours, being able to make custom weapons, with a new campaign and more raids to do with friends.


A promising proposal that comes to us with Monark. Here we have a clear objective for those who enjoy the Persona saga since this title follows the path set by Atlus and has the endorsement of several former developers of the franchise.

Elden Ring

Make no mistake, we are facing the most anticipated release of the year. Elden Ring aims to be an adventure of epic proportions, with Miyazaki embracing the open world Souls genre. The closed beta has already left us with honey on the lips of a game that claims to be GOTY 2022.

Grid legends

The driving set-up that we bought for a fortune is justified when the world of driving offers us titles like this. Grid Legends is everything a budding racer needs: corners, drifts, engine roars, and lots and lots of speed.

Shadow Warrior 3

From Flying Wild Hog they know perfectly how to offer action, humor, and all kinds of tools to annihilate enemies out of hell. The best thing about Shadow Warrior 3 is not only in the amount of blood that we are going to spill but also in the fact that by reserving this third installment, we take the previous two.

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