Important tips for writing engaging travel journal

Important tips for writing engaging travel journal

Going to another counter is a good activity. It is full of excitement and joy. You should keep a travelJournal with you to remember everything you experienced. Your journal helps you take notes of things you see. The look and appearance of your journal doesn’t matter, but the inputs are the key.

How to make a good traveling journal

A good traveling journal doesn’t require professional work. It usually comes from your own personal experiences and adventures. Here are some helpful tips for making a useful travel journal:

  • Use your best style

Writing a travel journal is not just about describing geographic locations. You should add a taste to these descriptions. It is easy to find attractions, but is not always easy to find captivating descriptions. You need to focus on the flair and style if you are writing for others. This means that you are going to publish your content on a blog or a site.

The tone of writing would definitely differ in case you are keeping it for personal use. The same thing applies when you write for friends and family. So, you can determine your writing style when you know your targeted audience.

  • Include things you really want

Your travel journal is not a recorder. It shouldn’t include each and every small detail you see. It should only contain things you really want to remember. For example, a nice encounter with friendly locals or a strange situation in the train. A good journal should tell interesting stories. It doesn’t matter that you mention good or bad experiences. What matters is their importance for you.

  • There is no specific order for writing

You are free to write things you like whenever they happen. You shouldn’t be restricted to chronological order. You are just telling the story that induced your creativity and imagination.

Travel journalists recommend writing down anything while it is still fresh. It is better than waiting till you get to your hotel’s room. Your memory won’t be as active and some important details might be missing from the story. It is very easy to do, as your journal will always be with you.

  • Personalize it as you want

Your travel journal shouldn’t be just one paragraph under the other. You should make it visually interesting. You should stick items from the place you are visiting on the pages. You can use postcards, newspaper snippets or any label. It will add extra reminder of the situation you are writing about. This way you can remember the entire details even after 10 or 20 years.

Tips to pick a good traveling journal

Travel journals come in various shapes and sizes. There is no ideal shape for them. It is a matter of taste and personal preference. There is no right and wrong when it comes to buying a journal. However, there are items that can be more functional than others. The following guidelines can assist you pick a good one:

  • Buy it with a cover

Your travel journal goes everywhere with you. So, keeping it protected from weather or falls is a wise thing. It can guarantee its longevity and functionality. You can find items that are sold with covers. Or you can purchase a case separately.

  • Get lined papers

Lined papers will make your inputs more appealing. You can write properly with lines on pages. As for drawing, it can work just fine with lines. But trying to write on unlined pages is not fun or easy.

  • Consider the size and weight

There is no standard size or weight for traveling journals. But, you should go for small but practical sizes. Basically, you can determine the size based on the destination. If you think you won’t find much to see, you should go for compact journals. If you are going to write many details, it is wise to select one with a big number of pages. Many travelers prefer to go minimal, because they don’t want much luggage. They depend on the fact that they can buy another item from the places they are visiting. To sum it up, your needs and nature of the place you are visiting can determine the size.

  • Choose a nice design

A travel journal with a pleasant design will encourage you to write your entries. You are getting a journal to use constantly, so aesthetic aspect matters. You shouldn’t get something that looks old and unattractive.

  • Pick durable materials

It is important to focus on the material part, because you won’t change a journal with each trip. You buy a journal that can last for years. You shouldn’t buy a journal made of cheap and easily torn materials. If you have environmental concerns, you can find journals with recycled materials.

Express your thoughts genuinely

You are writing your own travel journal. So, you should honestly write your ideas. It is not about writing for the readers. It is about your memories and experiences. If you find something you liked, you should write it. You shouldn’t ignore negative situations and opinions too. Honesty is healthy and good for you. It can also great for readers.

When you purchase the travelJournal you liked, it is important to buy a few pens too. There will be a lot of details to write down. So, you need your pens as you go. You shouldn’t forget to bring a couple of glue sticks if you are going to stick some pictures and cards.

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