Tips and tricks of archery for beginners

Tips and tricks of archery for beginners

Archery is a game that is known for years and its popularity has never came down. From few years, it is getting more popular because people are now wanting to experience something that is from real life and is heroic too. Movies are based on this game and that is how this game is evolving with a fresh look. If you want to play the game, you cannot start it like any other game because you would need a particular set of equipment and place where you can practice the game. Usually archery arenas are present in all localities but you would have to find one that is nearest to you. If you do not know anything about the game, do not worry as you will get to know about it with the passage of time and will also master all the techniques that are essential for being called a pro of this game.

How to take a start?

To take a start, you need to understand that this is a different game. You will have to devote specific time from your routine. If you are planning to play it once a week then I will suggest not to upgrade any of your equipment and play it as a hobby but if you want to learn the hunting techniques then you can upgrade the equipment and can also master the techniques that are essential to hunt live animals. But beware the legal formalities before going for an actual hunt!

So, how do you select the bow and arrows? You need to keep one thing in mind that you should select the bow that suits you best. I would recommend you to take a start from recurve bow. It would no doubt be a tough start but it will automatically teach you on how to use the compound bow because it is easier to use than recurve bow. If you feel confident that you can play with a recurve bow, try that. Do not buy initially, either take it on rent or borrow from a friend on senior player in the arena. This will give you a basic idea about the bows and how they feel in hands of a shooter. To learn more about the bows, Archerypower is a comprehensive website discussing all the details that you need to know about the archery.

Understand the grip of both bow hand and the string hand:

It is critical to understand the grip techniques of both the hands. If you are a right hand person, you will hold the bow in your left hand and vice versa. Make a V shape with your thumb and index finger and wrap the bow with other fingers. This would provide you with a comprehensive grip that is required to play archery. To grip at the string end, there are different techniques. You can take a start with the basic technique by placing two fingers below the knock and one finger above it. This would be a nice way to hold the arrow before you throw it.

Anchor point and drawing in the right manner:

After you know how to grip from both the hands, now you need to understand the drawing of the string and the anchor point. Draw the string that your elbow from the right hand is parallel to the ground and you bring the string near the corner of your mouth. This is what normally shooters do and it is the right way to shoot an arrow in the right direction. Take a deep breath and inhale while you draw. All you need is to maintain your focus in whole time. This is not a game that you will learn within a couple of weeks, if you really want to master the game you would be required to maintain a calm attitude towards the game.

You need not to drop your hand after you shoot. This is the common mistake that most beginners do; as they drop the hand they miss the target. If you want your target to hit in the right position, you should follow through the shot and look at it until it reaches the target. This is how you would get to learn the most advanced techniques in minimum time.

As a beginner, I would suggest you to take few classes from a senior player in your arena before you start playing on your own. You need to practice a little under supervision before you do not need anyone to tell you the techniques. Internet is a great medium to learn the advanced techniques and to get the best equipment at reasonable rates. If you do not know about the equipment, you should start with the basic equipment because in the learning process you will damage it and that is why least investment at the beginner stage is advisable.

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