5 Essential Minecraft Tips for Newbies

Essential Minecraft Tips

5 Essential Minecraft Tips for Newbies

So you went ahead and bought Minecraft? Well my friend, let me be the first person to welcome you to one of the most popular and exciting games ever to exist!  Below are five essential Minecraft tips for newbies to help you rule the Minecraft world from your very first moment of gameplay. Enjoy.

  1. Gather Basic Materials

Minecraft is unique in the fact that it is considered to be a ‘Sandbox” game.  A “Sandbox” game is a game where you the player, have control of the game world. That being said, your very first objective should be to find wood so you can make basic tools.

Find a tree and begin punching it down with your hands until you have successfully harvested at minimum 5 trees worth of wood. Go to your crafting menu and make a crafting table. From there you can furnish yourself a wooden pickaxe so you can begin mining cobblestone.

  1. Locate Shelter

When looking for shelter, look for the opening of caves that have cobblestone or ores on the bottom. Caves are frequent natural occurrences in the game world and make for a terrific natural shelter.

Once you find a cave, begin mining cobblestone until you have collected around 25 blocks, all the while picking up coal in the process. Use the crafting table to build yourself a stone pickaxe, a stone sword, a furnace, and torches.  Congratulations, you now own all the basic tools needed to survive your first night!

  1. Fortify Your Shelter

Now that you own a little bit of inventory, use your pickaxe to dig into the side of the cave being aware of constructing enough room for a living space.  You want to make your first shelter large enough for your furnace, your crafting table, and a place for you to hide.

Use torches to illuminate your shelter and the cave as a whole. Torches prevent zombies from spawning and keep creepers at a distance. To complete your first shelter, place a single block of cobblestone in the doorway to ensure yourself a barrier from the outside world.  In the event that you are mining and don’t have time to make it back to your base shelter, a simple 3 block hole in the ground with a 1 block covering is plenty of protection for in-case-of-emergency moments.

  1. Get Food

Building a shelter can sure make a guy hungry! Your next objective is to find food for yourself. Throughout the world of Minecraft, there are basic farm animals (sheep, chickens, cows, and pigs) walking around. Use your stone sword to attack the farm animals and harvest their meat.  Yes, I know this is cruel but I don’t want you starving! Keep in mind that cooked meat restores more health than uncooked meat.

If eating meat isn’t your thing, I would recommend for you to start farming. Most people either grow wheat, carrots, or potatoes. For newbies, start growing wheat as it’s a useful item in many recipes.

  1. Stay Inside at Night

Nighttime is the most dangerous time in the Minecraft world. Although I’m a person who prefers a bit of danger and I want you to try Minecraft for free, I’m advising you to stay inside and avoid your enemies. Mobs and Monsters like to come out and start trouble at night, making it difficult for the beginner player. Take my word, there’s nothing more annoying than fighting, dying, and losing all of the items that you worked hard to get. Stay inside and live to fight another day.

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